Just a few lines or maybe a couple of pages! A thought, a short story or maybe an idea delivered in rhymes. We look for written narratives you want to share, the shape you choose to express them in is free.


  • Length: it is up to you. Just keep in mind it will be mainly read online!
  • File Type: just copy/paste your text in the form…
  • Copyright: we assume you own all necessary rights connected with the material you upload; if any controversy on the property of the material is signaled we eliminate the content and any violation of copyright by any user is its own responsibility. Submissions must be original and belong to the sender. Skarno cannot be held responsible for non-respect of copyrighting. The submitter allows Skarno to use their texts for publication on our Instagram and related. Skarno will not print, sell or trade the texts received from the artists without their formal consent.
  • Premiere Status: no premiere status is required.

For more information, take a look at our FAQ section or contact us at support@skarno.it

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