Federico Infante

Federico Infante: “The creative process is a force that’s always searching for authenticity, and when a painting gives me the gift that it has reached that point, I know I’ve found something new within myself.”

Do you remember the first time you saw one of your creations feeling it was “concluded”. Which was it? What did you feel?

Hard to remember the first painting that gave me that feeling. There’s been so many over the years and I think I started feeling that even with my first drawings as a kid.

My work is most of the time about finding that “concluded” feeling if a piece doesn’t feel finished I will probably start all over again. When I’m painting I’m searching for meaning and this feeling of a conclusion is as close as I can get to understand what my work is trying to communicate.

The figures of your painting appear after a preliminary process that you describe as the “act of covering the canvas with several layers of acrylic paint and then scratching it off”. How does this process reverb, both aesthetically and conceptually, in your work? Does it tell us something particular of a need to make the canvas your “own”?

I’ve tried to put this process into words many times and it always comes out like that. Sometimes I feel I’m just describing my actions while I paint but every time I tried to add any analysis or adjectives to it, it feels like I’m limiting its potential.

The idea of making the canvas my “own” is an interesting one and it definitely feels like that. There’s a need to put a piece of myself, a piece I’m not sure I have that much control over it.

The creative process is a force that’s always searching for authenticity, and when a painting gives me the gift that it has reached that point, I know I’ve found something new within myself.

The subjects of your paintings -my opinion here- convey a sensation of detachment. How would you describe the common thread that runs through your work?

Your observations are very accurate, yes the figures are a representation of the abstract part of the painting. The search or investigation that I go through in every painting can sometimes feel very overwhelming. And the detachment is a major player in this process, without it, there’s little or no authenticity.

Every time that my ego and my logic try to take ownership I feel lost and usually end up starting the painting all over again.

So yes, an exercise of detachment is required to overcome the weight of the creative process and it usually ends up being represented by the figures in the canvas.

"The sound we follow"
"The light at night" 48 x 70 inch. acrylic on canvas. 2014

If you were to name another media rather than painting that works great for you to go deep in your subconscious, what would it be? In what way does it work?

Another media that I love and that it would be a privilege to work is film. I believe it is one of the greatest ways to tell a story and to move people with your message.

We all go after something we feel we still haven’t grasped, or that we can do better. In this sense what -if anything- do you feel still misses in your painting?

Yes, that feeling is always there but it’s hard to give it a name. It’s present every time that I start a painting and most likely is one of the reasons I started painting in the first place. There’s a constant urge to improve myself, every piece is a search for the next one.

A great piece of advice you received as a painter?

“The problems in painting can only be solved with the language of painting”.

A living artist you want to bring to the attention of our readers? Why?

Olafur EliassonJonathan Glazer, and James Jean.

Next and upcoming projects?

I’m always working on my next show, hopefully, it will be ready for next year.

"The geography of hope" 48 x 100 inch. acrylic on canvas. 2018

Credits: Federico Infante

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