Egeon Mantra

“I am inspired by human beings and their behavior…I like exploring the cognitive and emotional maps that lead the human mind and define our perception of reality.“

What captured you of street art and muralism in particular?

The first time I painted on a wall I immediately felt that painting in a public space makes happen something that in a studio does not…this has had a magnetic effect on me ever since.

What is your relation with graffiti? A way of expression or just annoying scribbles on a wall?

I think that what I do today is, by now, far away by the realm of graffiti, even if the medium has remained the same. Also, I would like to stress that if there were no graffitis to start with, right now we would not be able to see buildings painted with street art.

What are the ideas that move your imagination as an artist? What the recurring elements in your works?

I am inspired by human beings and their behavior…I like exploring the cognitive and emotional maps that lead the human mind and define our perception of reality. Many times I address the topic I feel is the most important: life. I like combining philosophical theories with everyday aspects, while letting social issues contaminate my reasoning. I don’t always paint rationally, and many times I let my subconscious take over led by my instinct, as if I was taking things from the ether.

"Ricorda la bellezza"
"Ed è subito sera"

In “Ed è subito sera” you start from the title of a piece of poetry by Quasimodo. Why did you choose it? What does this short poem communicate you?

Life. In a few lines, there is everything that can be said about it. Undoubtedly you could add between the lines of this poem an infinite number of episodes of life, but they would be superficial if seen from afar because the meaning would become once more hermetic.

How did you choose to represent it visually?

I chose to paint a man fluctuating in the air, over a dreamlike landscape. I have decided to fill the image with mystery, leaving to the viewer the job of connecting the image to the poem.

What is the message in “Ricorda la Bellezza” (Remember the Beauty)? What is the role of art in this sense? Social platforms give us daily access to such beauty…but are there any negative aspects in this new world?

By making the very question of the role played by art, I can see that the “Ricorda la Bellezza” piece has already created some sensations…and with pleasure, I let you alone experimenting that. The beauty I am talking about is intrinsic and is free of any visual saturation, digging under it. The enormous amount of information is a gigantic resource, but at the same time is a great cause of distraction…we must know where and what to look at, and this requires a preparation we can have only through culture and art education.

You are able to perfectly recreate the watercolors effects on your murals. What technique do you use?

I use the common outdoor paints, but the method I utilize is indeed a secret 🙂

An artist you look at as a source of inspiration?

Francis Bacon, Mark Rothko, Egon Schiele, Blu, Escif… and the list could go on and on for what regards the visual aspect of inspiration. For what instead relates to the content, I would say that psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and physics are the topics that give me the right perspective for the themes of my work.

Next projects?

I am a little too superstitious to reveal them 🙂


Credits: Egeon Mantra

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