Ando Fuchs

“Maybe what attracts me of photography is that I can express myself with it better than what I can with words“

How would you describe yourself?

I am the kind of person that constantly doubts himself, always questioning what I do and never satisfied with what I do and how I do it. I find it hard to appreciate any compliments because I am not able to say if they are sincerely felt or if they are just superficial words. Yes, I am a difficult person, but maybe it is precisely this reason that pushes me forward in what I do, the way I do it.

You are totally self-taught. What have been the main steps that brought you where you are today? What the major difficulties?

Yes, I am totally self-taught, up to now I have never even been to a workshop…but this doesn’t mean I am against this type of events. To get where I am today the route has been a long one, and many have been the steps, from different ways of “seeing” things to the various techniques to make the post-production of a photo. I have never encountered particular difficulties…maybe only within myself. Our mind can play tricks on us and to overcome them we need to go forward without caring about what others might think or say about what we do.

What attracted you to the photographic world?

Hm, that is a difficult question…Maybe what attracts me of photography is that I can express myself with it better than what I can with words and the irresistible call is that of not losing the way of telling a story with my photos.

On your website, you state that what interests you the most is the ability of your photos to communicate with the viewer, rather than the technical aspects of it. What do you desire to tell the viewer with your images?

It is not that the technical aspects don’t interest me at all, but rather that what counts the most for me is what a photo tells me, what a photographer wants to convey…the technique is just the means to achieve a goal, especially in my type of photography. If I am able to immerse the viewer in the photo and keep him or her looking at it for a long time, then I have reached my goal. To achieve this I put in all my soul, sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t.

In your series “People” you make the portraits of a number of people. On what basis do you choose them? How much is it important to develop a connection with your subjects?

Well, actually all these portraits are of people that I already knew from a long time and the project came out casually. Thus, I didn’t need to create any type of connection with them, which though generally is fundamental for me to obtain an adequate result. With no connection with the subjects, the “spirit” is lost and the result is a photo that looks forced and unnatural.

You have said that Venice has been a cornerstone in your vision of things as a photographer. In what way?

Look, I have no answer to this question. Something has happened in me, something I cannot describe…what is certain is that from that day I love Venice and the people I have had the luck to get to know in all these years.

Why do you choose black and white photography? What would you feel like losing in your images if they were in color?

It is not that I chose black and white, but vice-versa it is black and white that has chosen me… As strange as it may sound it is like this and sincerely I don’t know what I would lose with colors…because I just don’t use them.

A photographer you feel has particularly influenced you?

I have never allowed other people to influence me, and I have always tried to do things my way. Sure, I do look at other’s photos, especially those of the classic masters, but without letting me be influenced…clearly, a certain amount of conditioning can be developed without noticing it.

The best piece of advice you have received as a photographer?

I haven’t received any up to now or at least none that could be important for me.

Next and upcoming projects?

I have plenty of projects in my mind, but right now nothing sufficiently detailed or worth talking about.

Credits: Ando Fuchs

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