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Why must I create an account to upload my work?

This helps us guarantee a certain level of safety to your material while allowing you to create -if you desire- a personal detailed profile that enhances your visibility on the platform. don’t worry, you won’t be added to any newsletter or spam circle!

What happens if my material gets selected?

You will immediately receive a notification via email that your work is about to be uploaded in Skarno’s Showcase and on the related social networks.

What will be the destination of what I effectively upload?

A space for your material will be dedicated on the Showcase and on the Instagram page of the platform. In both cases, the credits clearly send the viewer back to your profile and social account (if you have shared it with us!).

What if my material doesn’t get selected?

If your material doesn’t look like what we are looking for, you still will have a valid account on the platform, which will make faster your next try 😉

What are the general Terms and Conditions, in a nutshell!

Obviously, we suggest reading the whole Terms and Conditions (link). In any case, the main points are: Submissions must be original and belong to the sender. cannot be held responsible for non-respect of copyright. The submitter allows to use their material for publication on our Instagram and related. will not print, sell or trade the material received from the artists without their formal consent.